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North Steel Homes, Çeyrek asra yaklaşan tecrübesi, geniş hizmet ve ürün yelpazesi ile Kıbrıs ‘ın hem kuzeyine hem de güneyine hizmet veren ve günümüzde Çelik Yapı denince akla gelen sektörün lider şirketidir.

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North Steel Homes Hizmete Başladı

Chairman and CEO John Fish starts the company, managing construction of our first office building in Chelsea, Mass.

İlk Çelik Yapı Hizmeti Teslim Edildi

We move into our current headquarters at 65 Allerton Street, in Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood.

North Steel Homes Havuz İnşası Hizmetine Başladı

Konstruktion is awarded its first public-private partnership (P3) contract to build 15 schools in Nova Scotia. PCL continues to pursue opportunities to work with government partners through P3 projects in both Canada and the U.S., as one of the most experienced P3 builders in North America.

Güney Kıbrıs'a İlk İhracat

Demonstrating a commitment to sustainable construction, Konstruktion completes construction on its first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Gold certified project: the Seattle Terminal Radar Approach Facility in Washington.

Modüler Yapılar

Konstruktion is named for the first time as one of USA’s Best Managed Companies, which recognizes excellence in USA-owned and USA-managed companies with revenues over $25 million. In 2009, having won seven years in a row, PCL is inducted into the Best Managed Platinum Club.

Tiny House

Demonstrating a commitment to renewable energy and sustainability, Konstruktion completes construction on its first solar energy project, the 9.3-megawatt Erie Ridge Solar Electric System in Ridgetown, Ontario.

Kenet Çatı & Cephe Sistemleri

As part of Konstruktion’s commitment to innovation, Konstruktion’s Construction launches Job Site Insights®, an Internet of Things (IoT) smart construction platform that uses digital technology to find efficient construction practices, enhance safety and quality, and improve customer satisfaction.

North Estate Homes

Konstruktion publishes its first Corporate Social Responsibility report, detailing the company’s efforts to lead by example on sustainability and drive change in the construction industry.